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Dear Visitor !

Our company was established in 1993 in Zalaegerszeg. In the beginning we have been dealing  with the building and construction of tile stoves and fire places, then in 2000 we started our Dutch tile factory to satisfy the growing demand both for the Hungarian and foreign qualitative glazed tile. Our aim is to offer tiles of qualitative forms and widespread colours opposite the mass-production.
Our factory uses the most up-to-date, the so called cast form of Dutch tile manufacturing. Our basic materials are the same as the qualitative materials and glazes used by the leading European factories.
Our assortment of forms consists of 10 various patterned glazed tiles. The accessories, i.e. the patterned tiles, tracery tiles and the other related profiles are designed by industrial artist.
Some of our tile-forms are certified as pieces of fine workmanship by a committee of college of arts and crafts and they are marked with a juiry-number. Our products meet the requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard.
Both our factory and the showroom are situated in town of Zalaegerszeg, in the Kaszaházi str.89. Here you can personally meet our products and order them.
You can order your tile stove or stove fire-place in 10 various forms of tile, in 50 colours but we are standing at your disposal with special needs, too – from the designing till the building.
Please, visit us as soon as possible in order to greet you among our satisfied customers.
Best regards